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Evidence-based chiropractic care and therapeutic massage Mccabe plaas, dc


Welcome to North Lake Wellness

 Located in  LUTSEN, MN on the majestic shore of Lake Superior.  I am a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University and proud provider of 


What I mean by Evidence-based Chiropractic Care is, to the best of my knowledge, utilizing the most recent and accurate research to provide you with the highest quality of care.

I have been a competitive athlete for most of my life and chiropractic care has helped me keep up with my performance goals.  My goal is to educate you on the IMPORTANCE OF MOVEMENT and MUSCLE ACTIVATION to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in PEEK PERFORMANCE.

Everyone is welcome in my practice!


LUTSEN is chock full of abundant outdoor activities, beautiful lakeside resorts, clean rivers, clean lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls.  Make North Lake Wellness a part of your destination travels.

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Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care


Evidence-Based Chiropractic care consists of a thorough assessment and evaluation of neuromusculoskeletal systems based off of the most up to date research.  Spinal and joint manipulations are administered, if warranted, to increase range of motion and decrease your discomfort.    Graston, Electrotherapy, or manual soft tissue therapy can be administered to help reduce inflammation, reduce discomfort, and break up adhesions.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy


McCabe has over 10 years of Massage Therapy experience.  Massage can be accompanied with Chiropractic care or as a treatment on its own.  My gift to the massage world revolves around deep tissue techniques that can greatly benefit someone who has been injured or experiencing discomfort.  Make massage a part of your healing journey.

Sports Related Injuries


North Lake Wellness is equipped to offer quality Chiropractic care for acute sports-related injuries, chronic discomfort related to old injuries, work related injuries and auto accidents.  North Lake Wellness utilizes proper rehabilitation protocol to speed up recovery and get you back out on the field or back to work.  Call us first to address your discomfort.  


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North Lake Signature Massage

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This is a 1 hour, firm, relaxation service.  This does not include deep tissue techniques.  Any add-ons can be purchased at time of service.


75 Minute North Lake Wellness Massage

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Perfect amount of time for someone who needs a little extra focus on areas of concern.  This is a firm, relaxation service.  This does not include deep tissue techniques.  Any add-ons can be purchased at time of service.


North Lake Premier Massage

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90 minutes of full body care to leave you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.  This is not a deep tissue service.  All add-ons can be purchased at time of service.


North Lake Hot Stone Massage

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This is a unique experience of pure bliss.  Let the hot stones melt away any tension you have and take you to a place of complete tranquility.  This is an 80 minute service.

Add-on -> discuss when booking, purchase at time of servicE

Deep Tissue - $15


This is a great upgrade for someone who likes deeper pressure or wants specific focus on an area.  I am trained in rehabilitative techniques that is prefect for a sports enhanced massage.

Cupping - $15


If you have never tried cupping this is an excellent upgrade.  Cupping separates the fascia and helps with increasing circulation, increasing lymph flow while decreasing your muscle tension.

Reflexology - $15


Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of stimulating organs and functions with acupressure,  opening up channels of energy from specific points on the feet.

Scalp Massage - $15


Pure deliciousness!  Perfect for anyone who has tension headaches or jaw pain.  If you have never had a scalp massage this is a necessary upgrade.

Aromatherapy - $10


The purest, organic essential oils from France to enhance your senses and take you to a whole new level of relaxation.

Hot Packs - $5


Hot Packs provide an intense, deep heat going that extra layer for the utmost relaxation and tension-release.

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